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Huizenga College News

Huizenga Professor Named 2017 Faculty of the Year by Students

Professor Albert Williams

Dr. Albert Williams, Associate Professor of Finance, has won the prestigious STUEY award for faculty of the year for 2017. He is the first from HCBE to win this award. He represents the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Williams teaches personal finance in the undergraduate program and managerial finance in the graduate program. He brings a rich background of real world experience to the classroom. The students enjoy and learn a lot from his classes. He gives presentations across campus, in the South Florida area, and in the Caribbean. He has a strong community spirit. He is also the faculty advisor of the Graduate Business Student Association at HCBE. He has given his life to improve the lives of his students. He also shares his guitar playing abilities with his students and other audiences. His motto is "I am making the world a better place, one student at a time."

Huizenga Professor Speaks on Economics of Sustainability in Belize

Professor Williams in Belize Professor Williams in Belize

Dr. Albert Williams, associate professor of finance and economics, H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, recently spoke in Belize at a conference sponsored by Oceana, a non-profit group that focuses on protecting the oceans.

The conference theme was "The Energy of Nature and the Nature of Energy" with a focus on discussing the pros and cons of off-shore oil drilling in Belize. Dr. Williams' presentation was on the economics of sustainability.

As the first presenter, Dr. Williams set the stage for the conference by providing economic arguments for and against off-shore oil drilling. The guest speaker for the conference was Alexandra Cousteau, the granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau, the world renowned explorer, conservationist, filmmaker, innovator, scientist, photographer, author and researcher who studied the sea and all forms of life in water. Cousteau is continuing the work of her grandfather.

"Allowing off-shore drilling will be one of the most difficult decisions for the people of Belize," Dr. Williams commented following his return from the conference. The discussion at the conference included fishermen, tourism business people, University of Belize students, representatives of other non-profit organizations, concerned citizens and the media. Dr. Williams provided interviews to local radio stations following his presentation.

Tom Tworoger, Ph.D., Quoted in Regional Magazine about Entrepreneurship

Tom Tworoger, Ph.D., professor in the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, was featured in this story on Entrepreneurship programs in South Florida Business and Wealth magazine.

Ben Baldanza, Distinguished Lecturer Speaks at NSU's Huizenga College of Business

Ben Baldanza, president and chief executive officer of Spirit Airlines, spoke recently at NSU's H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Baldanza was a featured speaker through the college's Distinguished Lecture Series, a program which has hosted local, national and international business men and women.

Baldanza joined Spirit Airlines in 2005 as president and chief operating officer. In May, 2006, he was promoted to his current position and also appointed to the board of directors. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in the airline industry.

Baldanza's presentation was a comprehensive study of the company's business model and strategies. The industry lost more than $10 billion in 2008 due to fuel hikes; and it was a time to re-evaluate the company's core principles. Baldanza took the audience through the analysis, discussing factors that dictated changes to the business model. Nearly 80 percent of customers look at price above all else leading Spirit to focus on serving that market segment. Baldanza doesn't like the term, "no-frills." He explained that Spirit believes in "frill control." Where customers can control frills they receive by paying only for the ones they need. The company lost $81 million in 2006 but in 2013, made $177 million.

Faculty Member Presents to Hometown High School and University Students

Albert Williams, Ph.D., associate professor of Finance and Economics at NSU's Huizenga College of Business, made two presentations to students at the University of Belize (UB), Punta Gorda Town in Southern Belize. UB is an English-speaking, multi-location institute for higher education, and the national university of the Central American country of Belize.

In his initial presentation, Williams discussed the offensiveness of calling an East Indian living in Southern Belize by the name, 'Coolie.' He encouraged all racial groups living in Southern Belize to treat each other with respect and refrain from calling each other by racial slurs.

Mentorship is the word at national Bizwomen events

More than 200 women gathered recently in the atrium of Nova Southeastern University's Carl DeSantis Building for the opportunity to choose from among 40 women mentors for one-on-one coaching.

Read More at the South Florida Business Journal

NSU Alumni Spotlight: Gail J. Allen, D.B.A.

Gail L. Allen, D. B. A ('02), is deputy chief scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), where she serves as adviser to the NASA administrator, provides oversight in the areas of life and microgravity science research, and interfaces with Congress and the Office of the President on science matters. Allen began her NASA career at the Kennedy Space Center as chief of the Materials and Chemistry Branch, where she led the effort in developing ozone-depleting alternatives for precision cleaning of flight and ground hardware. She has also served NASA as the associate director of Technology Programs and Commercialization.

At NASA headquarters, Allen managed the Bioastronautics (human research and life support) Research Program, served as deputy for the Human Systems Research and Technology Program in the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, and was director of Strategic Integration and Management for Exploration Systems. She currently serves as secretary for the Board of Directors for the Zonta Club of Fairfax County and is a member of Brenau University's Board of Trustees. In 2013, Allen was named Zonta Volunteer of the Year and inducted into the Brenau Hall of Fame. She has also received a NASA Space Act Award for her research in ozone-depleting alternatives, two NASA Exceptional Service Medals, and an Exceptional Performance Award.

Allen credits NSU with her success at NASA. "The education I obtained at NSU has been instrumental throughout my career, especially in these tight budget years," she says. "The ability to explain mission challenges from a business perspective is a unique skill I bring to the table."

Huizenga College of Business Honors Three Outstanding Entrepreneurs

NSU's H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship inducted three South Florida business leaders into its Entrepreneur Hall of Fame on April 30, 2014 at the Signature Grand in Davie, FL. The recognition is the Huizenga College of Business' highest honor.

Joining the distinguished ranks of Hall of Fame members are James Donnelly, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Castle Group; Guy Harvey, Ph.D., Artist, Scientist, Cinematographer, Guy Harvey, Inc., and Guy Harvey Foundation; and Manuel D. Medina, Founding and Managing Partner, Medina Capital.

More than 500 guests attended the "by invitation only," program. The event not only recognized the three honorees but also celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Entrepreneur Hall of Fame was established in 1990 to honor the lifetime achievements of outstanding entrepreneurs who contributed not only to the growth of a phenomenal entrepreneurial business, but have also demonstrated a willingness to contribute time, effort and financial resources to programs and activities that enhance the quality of life in the communities in which we live.

Each of the honorees gave inspirational speeches. Donnelly thanked Hall of Fame members, Charles L. Palmer and Thomas J. Miller for their nomination. He said two things are true of entrepreneurship, "It is a journey with lots of ups and downs, and you don't do it alone." He also stated that knowledge alone was no longer power but that, "Understanding, innovation, and application is the difference today." Having just returned from the Cayman Islands on a six day shark tagging trip, Harvey said, "This relationship with NSU is really blossoming," and thanked President George L. Hanbury II, Chancellor Ray Ferrero Jr., and Dean Richard Dodge. He also encouraged students to pursue studies at NSU and make their parents proud. Sent to this country by boat as a young boy, Medina spoke about the "incredible society," in which we live. His family left long line, seven generations of Cubans to come to a country where they did not speak the language. "This country welcomed us, helped educate us, opened doors and helped make us what we are today. I am very proud to be an American," said Medina.

H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship Alum to Present at International Conference

Emmanuel Trenche, M.B.A.

Emmanuel Trenche, a 2011 graduate of NSU's Huizenga College of Business, has been selected to speak at the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals' (SCIP) International Conference in Orlando, FL, on May 5 - 9.

Trenche is currently vice president of marketing and communications for clearCi, a competitive intelligence software company that helps businesses develop the insight needed to compete in a global and digital environment.

Huizenga Students Reap Rewards Through Internship

Huzienga Business College Interns
Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears player; intern Paiton Meurer; Elton Patterson, Blue Sol Yoga owner

Huizenga College of Business students continue to reap rewards from experiences gained during internships. During Winter-Term 2014, students worked in a wide variety of organizations.

Undergraduate-Marketing: Paiton Meurer, Blue Sol Yoga; David Patino, ShowRodeo; Melanie Alvarez Meneses, Yake Solar Power Corp.; Accounting/Finance: Enshante Starks, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts; Kristel Tiwari, Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra.

Master's students: Timica Anderson, Legair Financial Group, LLC; Hans Fredrik Jonviken, Murray & Associates LLC; Vijay Kundnani, NSU OIT Strategic Support Services; Claudia Martinez, EPI Trading; Marie-Grace Michel, Ultimate Software; Karan Minnis, DVG Builders, Inc.; Amit Mahbubani, TracFone Wireless; Pegah Noban, Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra; Coleen Richardson, Lord Breakspeare Callaghan, LLC.

Paiton Meurer managed social media, among other responsibilities, for a yoga studio, Blue Sol Yoga located in Weston. "My work proved the effectiveness of internet marketing," said Meurer. "My biggest accomplishment was the 4th Anniversary Party: we exceeded our goal of two thousand attendees and had a lively, festive party. NFL Chicago Bears player Brandon Marshall was the special guest of Blue Sol owner, former NFL player, author, and entrepreneur Elton Patterson".

David Patino has already received several offers for positions due to the expertise he has gained as the first intern for a start-up company. Watch for his video with the ShowRodeo "Skinny" segments.

Companies consistently report on the value to their companies by Huizenga College of Business interns. Laura Talbert of TracFone Wireless commented, "We provided Amit with tasks and opportunities that most entry level employees here don't get. I hope he learned as much as we did!"

Attention undergraduates-it isn't too late to get course credit for summer internship positions. Contact your academic advisor or for details.

The H. Wayne Huizenga College Honors Dean's List Recipients

Dean's List

The Huizenga College of Business recently hosted a luncheon and awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of 184 students who earned a place on the Dean's List for the fall 2013 semester. The outstanding students were joined in celebration by faculty, friends and family, and members of university leadership.

To earn Dean's List recognition, undergraduate students must be enrolled full time (12 or more credits) at NSU, earn at least a 3.5 GPA for the semester, and receive no incomplete grades.

Professor of Economics discusses changes to the minimum wage

Florence Neymotin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics appeared on CBS 4 News providing commentary on President Obama's call to increase the minimum wage to $10. Read the article

Marketing Professors interviewed on teaching social media.

Marketing Professors Dr. Jim Barry and Dr. John Gironda appeared on social media expert Neal Schaffer's podcast to discuss how social media is taught in the classroom.

Huizenga College Professor Discusses the Government Shutdown

Professor Jack Pinkowski Jack Pinkowski, Ph.D., associate professor and Chair of Public Administration at the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship published an opinion piece in the Huffington Post and the Sun Sentinel in which he discusses our system of checks and balances and puts the recent government shutdown into perspective.

"I don't believe that the Founding Fathers ever imagined that statesman would behave in such an unstatesmanlike manner as to risk default on government debt, penalizing federal workers, or those in the military, with job suspensions and related pay suspensions" said Pinkowski.

The entire article can be accessed at: Jack Pinkowski: Putting government shutdown in perspective and Checks and Balances: The Government Shutdown in Perspective.

Huizenga College Celebrates Appointment of Dean

The H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship held a reception to celebrate the appointment of J. Preston Jones, D.B.A., as dean of the business college. The reception followed the annual Board of Governors and Entrepreneurs Council meeting in the Huizenga Sales Institute's Executive Conference Center. Faculty members joined Board and Council members to congratulate the dean.

Dean Emeritus and Professor, Randolph Pohlman, Ph.D., welcomed guests with opening remarks, "Dr. Jones was at my side for the 14 years that I served as dean. Early on he was a recruiter and was instrumental in creating marketing and recruiting strategies. He served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, recruiting and supervising all faculty. As Executive Associate Dean, he played a significant role in the decision making process and played an important part in the college's success. I am looking forward to Dr. Jones propelling the Huizenga College of Business to great heights."

Board of Governors Chairman, Paul Sallarulo added, "Dr. Jones has served the Huizenga College of Business for many years and with the appointment of dean, he undertakes a position of recognition and responsibility. It is my honor and certainly the Board of Governors' to represent the college under his vision and leadership."

The reception was hosted by the Entrepreneurs' Council. Yolanda Harris, Council Chair said, "The Council looks forward to working with Dr. Jones to create value for students and the Huizenga College of Business family."

Huizenga College Undergrads Complete Internships

Marketing Interns
Marketing students L to R: Samantha High, Nathalie Hernandez, Maryori Perez. Standing: Art Weinstein, Ph.D., marketing chair, Carla Withrow, Internship Course Administrator.

According to a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Internships are the #1 experience that employers are looking for in their entry level candidates. NSU students are actualizing this on campus, and in corporations throughout South Florida.

Are you or your students interested in finding an internship? NSU's Office of Career Development can assist with internship preparation (resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills) and internship search strategies. Students can make an appointment at (954) 262-7201.

Below are several internship success stories from students in the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship:

Samantha High, NSU Athletics
"Prior to starting this internship, I had absolutely no hands-on experience with marketing, knowing only the information I learned from my courses. The first day I was a bit nervous because I had never had a job with this level of responsibility. I was quickly introduced to the fast pace of the office and how crucial it is to be on top of all aspects for every NSU Varsity sporting event scheduled for the upcoming week. I wanted to find a profession that gives me butterflies in my stomach the same as I get when I play volleyball, and it is clear to me that sports marketing is it."

Nathalie Hernandez, Bloomingdale's
"I assisted in the creation of many different events. This process began by pitching ideas to brand names for help with the funding. Then we found a charity partner to help bring more customers to the event. Next came the logistics for the event, including finding entertainment and renting the necessary furniture or staging. I believe interning for Bloomingdale's will help me post-graduation because of all the connections I have made in the fashion industry and the great feedback I have received from my mentors. I must admit that I am excited for what the future holds."

Maryori Perez, Starboard Cruise Services
"What I liked most about being in Merchandising & Planning is that I could apply both finance and marketing. I was also able to expand my cultural awareness of doing business in Asia."

Also, for Winter Term 2013, Nicolas Rodriguez and Alixandria Tucci held finance internships in Merrill Lynch offices.

For more information go to or

McKinley Insurance Donates $50,000 to Huizenga College of Business

McKinley Insurance Scholarship A new scholarship is now available for undergraduate minority students studying business at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), thanks to a $50,000 donation from McKinley Insurance Services, announced the firm's President and CEO Ralph Campbell. The Jim McKinley Endowed Scholarship Fund, named in memory of the company's founder who passed away last year, will generate annual scholarships to support full-time students of the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business Entrepreneurship (HSBE) who have grade point averages of at least 2.5.

"Jim McKinley always supported students wanting to pursue higher education," explained Campbell. "This scholarship preserves his legacy of helping others and helps students who may not otherwise have an opportunity to attend such a prestigious university as NSU.

"Many minority students are the first in their families to attend college, so hopefully this scholarship will help break that cycle and help prepare the business leaders of the future." The McKinley Fund is one of the first NSU scholarships for minority students.

"We salute Ralph Campbell and his vision for the future of education," said Alan Levan, who chairs the college's Ambassador Board, a select group of business leaders who support the school with their financial gifts and experience. "Scholarships like this insure that our college graduates a more diverse and prepared group of business professionals."

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